We install full heat pump systems and supply all parts

Equipment & Installation

reduce your carbon footprint and save money too!

Heat pumps should be considered one of today's modern answers for the current and future problems associated with conventional heating systems, namely increasing energy costs and high environmental impact.

Our preferred manufacturers are Nibe, Mitsubishi and Daikin systems, as we feel that these companies offer a very good range of equipment to suit all purposes. The equipment is well designed and achieves very good performance ļ¬gures. The support equipment is also chosen to achieve the very best performance possible. Uponor for the internal plumbing systems, including the underfloor heating systems, and MuoviTech for the ground collection systems including the manifold chambers.

Contact us to help you design, supply, install, and maintain a 21st century heating solution for your home, office, or work place. Call us for details.

Save money on heating bills
Hot Water
Get big savings compared to oil,
LPG, and direct electric systems. Suitable for offices and commercial.
Save money on heating bills
Highest Standards
Our systems are designed and installed to the highest MCS standards with a 2 year HIES approved warranty.