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Frequently asked questions

Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Yes. Providing that the property is insulated well and draught proofed  (which will be assessed in the survey) older properties can be retro fitted with low temp heating systems.

Yes! Providing all is done to ensure heat loss is minimal. Listed buildings do not have to attain the D rating on the EPC. Efficiency will be reduced by lower insulation standards.

To install a full ASHP into an existing heating network will depend on the system design and particular site requirements. On average a three bed home would cost from approx £10,500.

Safety and system maintenance checks. We can provide a yearly MCS heat pump service package on annual or monthly payments. An annual service is a condition of the warranties.

We offer different warranties depending on the equipment and parts supplied. A minimum workmanship warranty of 2 years and any manufacturers warranty up to 7 years.

Not normally as it is considered permitted development Some restrictions on siting of an ashp within a listed building boundary still apply.

Yes, In most circumstances the equipment will be designed and specified to provide full heating and hot water requirements. A backup system may be needed in some circumstances.

A normal supply size of 100amp is usually sufficient for a four bedroom house. A modern consumer unit would be needed.

It depends on how it is used, but can have efficiencies of 400% or more.

This depends on use, but 15 to 20 years would not be unusual.

Insulated draught-free properties with underfloor heating are the most efficient, but most properties can be accommodated with a proper design.

The systems do not require direct sunlight. It uses ambient air, ground or water temperature, i.e. a lake or pond.

We are MCS Accredited

MCS is a mark of quality which demonstrates adherence to recognised industry standards; highlighting quality, competency and compliance.

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