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Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

A typical installation cost for a quality heat pump system, retro fitted into 3 bedroom semi with an EPC rating of min D would start from £10,500 subject to survey and site conditions. Some radiators may need to be upgraded for improved heat emission

Importance of good design

Draught proofing and good insulation standards are essential for any heating system, especially for a low temp heat pump.  Properly designed, specified and installed heat emitters will ensure lower running costs for the systems life span. 

Existing radiator systems may be retained or upgraded. This would entail powerflushing of existing system and possible replacements of radiators that do not have the output power necessary to properly heat a given area. 

Underfloor heating should be designed with a max flow temp of 45c but a lower max flow temperature of 35/40c would be a good target to improve efficiency and lower running costs. 

How does a heat pump work?

The heat pump uses low grade energy available in the ambient air or ground temperature and upgrades it to a useful temperature by the refrigeration process to heat the water for heating and domestic hot water in your Home.  A Kwh ratio of energy in to energy out of 1:4 or better can be achieved. 

Perfect with underfloor heating

The most efficient way of maintaining an even, constant comfort temperature in your home is to pair the heat pump with underfloor heating or low temperature fan coil radiators.  The radiators work well in carpeted bedrooms and can be used to cool as well as heat if the heat pump and system has been designed and enabled for Heating/cooling. 

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Air Source Heat Pumps

We deliver the smartest energy-efficient air source heat pump solutions in Kent and Sussex tailored to your individual needs.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

A ground source heat pump extracts heat energy emitted by the sun and stored it in the ground or water mass i.e. a lake.

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